Get back erased photos from a memory card

Consider a situation, you are using your digital camera to take pictures and you took a plenty of them. These pictures are saved on the memory card that is being used as an external storage device. While checking out the clicked images, you found that some of them are not good. You decided to remove them, but you made a horrifying mistake. While removing the unwanted pics, you accidentally selected some important ones & pressed the delete button. Now you are heartbroken & doesn’t know what should you do next. The only question you might be thinking is “Can you retrieve deleted pictures from memory card?”

The answer is thankfully “Yes”. It is possible to restore erased data from the memory card. The fact is, when you delete a file, it is not permanently removed from the card, only the entry of the file is removed from the drive. That is why the user is not able to see the files but the data is still residing somewhere on the memory card that can only be retrieved using an efficient data recovery tool. To know the process of retrieving data on a SanDisk MicroSD card, follow this link. But there is a limitation, once the files get overwritten, it is nearly impossible to recover them using a data restoration software. You should immediately stop using your memory card from which the files got deleted, to avoid overwriting of the files.

Another commonly made mistake is, unknowingly losing files when the memory card is connected to the system. Generally when the file is deleted from a system using “Delete” option, you can easily find it in the Recycle Bin & then can be restored using “Restore” option. But this is not the case when a file is deleted from an external device like memory card. The files are permanently removed & could not be found in the Recycle Bin or Mac Trash. Most users don’t know this fact & therefore they end up losing their precious pictures.

Deletions can also be intentional either to make room for new files to be saved or to get rid of a virus. In these cases, users usually rely on a single backup & when they reach for it, it is either not updated (doesn’t contain newly saved files) or the device holding the backup gets corrupted due to some reasons. Another common way is to format the memory card. In this way all the files & folders saved on the memory card are erased permanently. To bring back formatted files from the card, visit

In any of the above mentioned deletion situations, Cards Recover comes as a handy recovery tool. It has advanced & deep scanning algorithms that help in fast and easy recovery. The wizard style interface is so user-friendly that even a person with less technical knowledge can easily operate it & get back all the deleted pictures on their own. The tool has many features that make it unique & best among other data recovery tools available in the market. You can yourself judge the performance of this software by downloading its free demo version & perform the recovery. In this version you can preview the images that are being restored. If you are satisfied with the results then you can buy the full version in order to save the recovered files. The tool has different versions available for both Mac & Windows therefore you can easily restore memory card data on Mac as well as Windows OS.

Follow these steps to restore deleted pictures from memory card -

Step 1 – Download & install the application on your Windows OS & run it.

Step 2 – From the main screen, select “Recover Photos” option.

Can You Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Memory Card - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Welcome Screen

Step 3 – Select “Recover Deleted Photos” option from the next screen.

Can You Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Memory Card - Select Recover deleted photos

Fig 2 : Select recover deleted photos option

Step 4 – Now choose the connected memory card & press the next arrow button to start the recovery process.

Can You Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Memory Card - Choose Drive

Fig 3 : Select Drive

Step 5 – After that a list of restored files is displayed. Preview the files.

Can You Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Memory Card - Preview Recovered

Fig 4 : Preview recovered

Step 6 – Now save them onto a desired destination.

Can You Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Memory Card - Save Recovered

Fig 5 : Save Recovered Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users